We help investors find investable real estate projects in the cannabis realm via our relationship with crowdfunding platforms, “pot-repreneurs”, qualified funding sources and through successful implementation of Regulation A+ crowdfunding.

We have pre-IPO opportunities available for investors of all sizes!

There’s no question that there are significant commercial real estate opportunities in the emerging cannabis industry, an industry by the way, that’s expected to generate revenue in the $6 BILLION dollar range for just 2016! Our key to tapping into this market is with a “no touch” philosophy, which basically means providing and investing in the real estate that drives the entire cannabis market in the first place. We are “marijuana related real estate” in focus, not “sales of marijuana focused”. That is a big distinction to make, and it is also precisely why investments directly into our PotEstate entity makes so much sense.

With direct access to many real estate development projects in the cannabis industry of all shapes and sizes, we at PotEstate are constantly on the lookout for investor money for these deals as well, both for accredited and non-accredited investors. These are all hand-picked deals we think are major winners in a variety of price ranges.

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