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We specialize in purchasing, developing, and leasing cannabis-related real estate and providing full-service consulting to those in the medical marijuana and pot dispensary business. New laws pertaining to medical and recreational marijuana have made the pot industry extremely attractive, but the legal ramifications and red tape basically require you to align yourself with professionals who thoroughly know the legal and real estate requirements for each state and individual instance. In other words, because real estate is essential, contacting us is vital for your business success.

Pot Estate is NOT a real estate brokerage firm. We are principal owners and managers of cannabis related real estate with a marketing arm providing a variety of services to those involved in all aspects of the marijuana real estate realm, including buyers and sellers, agents and brokers, investors, and those tangentially involved in the cannabis-related businesses.

Our services are unique and confidential. Because all our properties are carefully screened, hand-picked, and compliant with all rules and regulations of each state that each property is located in, we have pain-stakingly generated a proprietary database of properties and contacts – that is what makes us so valuable to landowners, buyers, sellers, agents, and investors alike.

If you own or know of a property for sale that may meet our criteria, or are interested in purchasing property from our inventory, please let us know and find out why we think PotEstate is the most significant cannabis-related real estate website on the internet!